"MATERA È LONTANA" (Matera Is Far Away, feature film)

This film is on the other hand a Noir fiction set in Basilicata, played out against a spiritual backdrop: Carlo Altieri, a Piedmontese detective with a turbulent past, is hired by a young aristocratic Russian woman intent on finding her boyfriend, who has mysteriously disappeared in Basilicata. Altieri thus begins an intriguing and unpredictable journey through the valleys and badlands of Basilicata and, with the help of a fortune-teller, he starts to unravel an intricate sequence of events that will lead him as far as Matera... 

Written and directed by Fabio Zuliani 
With: Carlo Re, Jenny Fox, Nicla Notarangelo, Fabio Zuliani and Antonio Masi, Olga D'Onofrio, Donato Sacco, Nunzio Perrucci, Donato Cascione, Giuliano Spinoni, Raquel Nin 
Production: Alce Film 
Genre: Mediterranean Noir 
Realization: 2018