PLAY (feature film)

An art film, both "weird" and experimental, it gathers elements of filmmaking which recall German expressionism and surrealism. "Play" retraces ancient fears and visceral obsessions in a black and white nightmare whose post-production work lasted for years.
As Zuliani stated in an interview: "This film is light years from the contemporary American cinema that we have been feeding on for years, but by digging deep into my perceptions, I gave life to a parallel universe, a space-time dimension that destroys the illusion of reality...".

PART I "The Grove"
PART II "In A Country Sleep"
PART III "South Rim"
PART IV "A Balcony"
Written and directed by Fabio Zuliani
With: Renato Ferrucci, Pierluigi Bario, Fabio Zuliani, Donatella Gibin, Corinne Mazza, SAS Team
Production: Alce Film Release
Genre: experimental horror
Length: 69 min.
Initial release: 1990
First Place Winner at the Tohorror Film Festival 2001