THE MAKING OF PLAY (short film)

A docufilm about "Play - part I", more than twenty years later. As Zuliani stated: «"Play" is a film composed of four chapters, I created the first chapter, entitled "The Grove", between the ages of 13 and 16. I made a silent film, inspired by surrealist cinema, particularly Buñuel, an experimental film (with only one actor) which many people still find interesting today. I started with a Super 8 film camera that my father had given me, an old school friend and the desire to create my own unique style of cinema...». 

Written and directed by Fabio Zuliani 
With: Renato Ferrucci, Fabio Zuliani, Barbara Cusato, Carlo Re 
Production: Alce Film Release 
Genre: documentary 
Length: 14 min.
Realization: 2012 + footage shot in 1990